Now it's well I remember the day we first met / You were lying in the gutter, I thought you were dead / But I soon found out you were just dead drunk instead / So I gave you my coat and some bloody good head

With my toora-li-loora-li-loora-li-o, with my toora-li-loora-li-loora-li-aye

Now early next morning, two hours before day / You growled out the chorus of "Glad To Be Gay" / And we fell to the floor from the bed where we lay / And tried to get up but decided to stay

Now it's sometimes we're sober and sometimes we're not / Sometimes we drink plenty and sometimes a lot / For you're an old boozer and I'm an old slut / And old habits stick, love, so why should we not?

You're old and you're ugly, you're smelly, you're fat / But I must confess I prefer men like that / One day I will buy you a fine bowler hat / And you'll be just like Churchill, but not such a twat

When we go out drinking, the whole town goes berserk / They're not used to seeing two grown-up men twerk / And some nights we might need to beat up some jerk / But that's what it takes to make a love like ours work


Well in 1963 you first hit the London scene / Your heart was like an ocean though you were just sixteen / They called you a folk princess but you were a gypsy queen / You were envied and adored but you longed for something more / You saw a ship was leaving and you boldly jumped on board / And little did you care if you'd ever reach the shore

'Cos you always loved the sea and the sea it loved you too / But to love something so mighty is a dangerous thing to do

Oh Sandy, oh Sandy / You left this world so soon / Or are you living still in the mansion that you built / On the other side of the moon / On the other side of the moon?

So you followed the North Star through concert halls and bars / You left behind a trail of empty bottles and broken hearts / You lit the way for others like a bright and falling star / But you were tortured by your mind, mistreated by your guys / Cheated by the businessmen and all their dirty lies / But your soul is in your songs and so it never ever dies

And I hope that you've found peace, wherever that you be / Shining with the sun or buried in the sea


I was born and raised in the US of A / The land of the brave and the free, they say / And I did believe them 'til that fateful day / When the KKK took my baby away / Now there's blood on the streets, there's a hole in the sky / Nazis in the White House and in the FBI / If this is what it means to be brave, to be free / Oh amazing grace, can you save a wretch like me?

But the rain still falls on the great and the small / And the death-bell tolls for all / And divided we stand but united we fall / And I pray for the Lord to make America small

I went to the woods just to clear out my mind / To leave all them hustlers and bustlers behind / But a land torn to pieces was all I could see / Oh do you still believe this land was made for you and me? / No, no, no, no, no, no, no! / No more of your bullshit, no more of your show / The Trumps and the Clintons, they all gotta go / And we'll see once more that sweet chariot swing low


I saw you by the road, sister, a-lookin' mighty tired / I see you've come a long way and I see that you have cried / Well I've been here a long time and I know a thing or two / Just don't think that I can help you, that's more than God can do

So your mother sent you on the road to earn money for new clothes / But you'll get no work in rags like that, it's just the way it goes / And now you're standing on the crossroads you cannot understand / You feel you're being led on by some invisible hand

Well this road's for the poor, you see, this road's for the rich / The bodies lying in the ditch will tell you which is which / So you've had your share of trouble, well be ready for some more / This road's for the rich, you see, and this road's for the poor

You worked a while in Manchester among the factory hands / But they'll never keep a loud-mouth girl who dares to make demands / And now you're looking for a job, but first you'd need a place to stay / And every bloody landlord requires a two-month pay

My eyes have seen the glory and the coming of the Lord / I've seen the Spinning Jenny and the coming of T-Ford / Well, some things have gotten better, some things have gotten worse / But greed and inequality seem to haunt us like a curse

And if one day as I do pray you find your job and home / Bear in mind what I do tell you, it's no merit of your own / No words of kind encouragement help those still in the ditch / You'll ne'er get rid of poverty 'til you get rid of the rich


Now the ten-hour days in factories are gone and we should be at ease / Or so they all keep telling me but somehow I just don't believe / That packing bloody groceries and smiling as you frown at me / Is good for either you or me or mankind's dream of liberty / And now the boss-man makes his round, it chills me to the bone / I hold my tongue and I stand my ground but I'll cry when I get home

I'll cry when I get home, cry when I get home / I smile all day for to earn my pay but I'll cry when I get home

I got pills to get me through the day, they offered them without delay / The doctor-man, so wise, did say, "Don't let your mind get in your way" / So I thought there's something wrong with me, but that's just how it's planned to be / They keep you in anxiety to serve the foul economy / But a world that's built on fear and guilt is a world we're not made for / I know you cry just the same as I, so let's cry alone no more

Cry alone no more, cry alone no more / Let our tears unite like a pile of shite and let's cry alone no more

Well I've been through so much shit I need an ocean for to flush it down / And I'll just cry that ocean now and let the fucking bastards drown / Just count me on the losing side, at least I went down with a fight / With thousands of us by my side, it's gotta count for something / I'll turn my tears to swords and spears, and the next mean word means war / This wayward son is not the only one, so I'll cry alone no more


Ain't it strange that the year is 2019 and still we're in this mess / So meekly we asked could we please have some more and instead they gave us less / The rich they get richer, the poor they stay poor / When will we say this won't do anymore / I've worked as a hustler, I've worked as a whore, but I ain't gonna work no more

And is it strange if I'm broken-hearted, when the world is going to hell? / I've been overpowered and outsmarted / I tried to fight the system but I fell

Ain't it strange that the world is 5 billion years old and ruined in a century / Oh to see what we've done, and we've only begun, it's almost too much for me / The earth's getting warmer, our hearts are growing cold / Only science can save us, or so we are told / But we have to be wiser, we have to be bold / We gotta stop buying the shit we're sold

And is it strange if I'm broken-hearted, when the world is going to hell? / It's a godawful mess that we've started, and the end no-one can tell

But our mothers and our fathers and the childless dykes and buggers / They left us with a lesson that will never be forgotten / They said private is political and all things count / And it takes all of us to turn the world around


The best day of my life was when I heard of your downfall / Up 'til then I thought I didn't care 'bout you at all / But you broke my heart when I was young and I will ne'er forget / You threw me out of your jet-set, but you'll be sorry yet / Oh yeah you bet

You sold your soul for precious things and held your head so high / That even if you'd tried you'd never have heard your brother cry / And now I'll try to keep from smiling when the shit it hits the fan / And if you ain't too proud to beg, I'll help you if I can / Yeah, if I can

Come shake your money-maker like you did ten grand ago / 'Cos nothing comes for free in life, you taught me that, you know / Now let me see you twirl and let me see you twist and shout / And shake your money-maker and I just might help you out

Last night I dreamed about a world where we'd all live as one / But before we get there, there are scores to settle, son / There's a price on every tear I swallowed for your sake / And now my retribution has been brought about by fate / Oh thank you, fate


We're sailing away on a leaking ship (So heave-ya-ho, and blow boys blow) / And the cargo-hold is filled with shit (So heave-ya-ho, and away we go) / The main-deck's crowded with crooks and traitors / But we'll all be drowning sooner or later / So we wait and pray on the deck below

That the sun will rise and blind the eyes / Of the hustlers, liars and dicks in ties / And the waves will throw them from the bow / So heave-ya-ho, we'll steer the course back home

Our captain's name is Tucker O'Fucker / And he'll soon be sent to old Davy Jones' locker / Our crew is made of faggots and boozers / And dykes and whores and cripples and losers / And the clouds they gather and the winds they blow / But the sun will rise...

No-one knows where the ship is bound / So they rape and plunder the world around / But they'll be a-staggering when they see / It'll soon be the time for the mutiny / And the tide may turn before you know / And the sun will rise...


Now the tide is high but I'm holding on / As long as you keep holding me / I'm still shaken and torn by what had to be borne / When I ploughed the rolling sea / For it's once I'd a mind to leave all behind / And go rambling so wild and free / But now I've returned and a few things I've learned / And you'll do what you want with me

Oh I thought I was born to brave every storm / And to empty each foul-smelling jar / But based on your letter you did it much better / Than your little sorry Jack Tar / Oh wasn't I bold, feeling sea-sick and cold / As the forecastle rang with huroos / And the first mate stepped in, and he offered me gin / And I threw it all up on his shoes

But no more, no more will I leave this old shore / Where the river flows down to the sea / There are strange worlds out there for those who may care / But one's too many for me

This dirty old town that we used to walk 'round / For hours and hours or more / Oh I know it so well, from the rusty old bell / To the rocks on the soggy old shore / Yet I always did see just the woods, not the trees / And it's there that it all went wrong / So forgive me for taking so long just to learn the old song that you knew all along


The old places are closin' down, the times they are a-changin' / But we remain the same, only getting fat and agin' / The dreamers they are dreamin' still, the lazy asses lazin' / And when we get together, we still set the town a-blazin'

And here's to the dreams that we lost in the years / For each merry song must be made out of tears / I've fucked up my life but tonight I'm right where I wanna be / So don't cry for me / 'Cos with you motherfuckers I am free

Now we've all learned that life is full of pointless toil and trouble / Though some of us are lawyers, some are lyin' in the gutter / But deep inside the ties still bind the band of fucked up brothers / And beggars can't be choosers, so we're stuck with one another

And here's to the dreams that we lost in the years / For each merry song must be made out of tears / I fucked up my life and I never did the things I wanted to / But the heart is true / And motherfuckers I love you